Thursday, October 6, 2005

Space and identity

going somewhere?

"The process of identification is first of all a process of spatialization. The paradox of identity is that you must travel to disclose it. The Same can be recognised on condition that it be an Other. It is identical to its concept in so far as it is elsewhere, not very far but somewhere else, requiring the little move. Now discovering his or her identity is framing the space of that identity. Identity is not a matter of physical or moral features, it is a question of space. Spatialization presents by its own virtue the identity of the concept to its flesh. It ensures that things and people stay at 'their' place and cling to their identity."

(Jacques Ranciere, "Discovering new worlds: politics of travel and metaphors of space", in Travellers's Tales, 1994)

I really miss Jean's voice, but can't get upset when she introduces me to someone as interesting as Aren Aizura. I'm really looking forward to this blog.


Jessica Sewell's 2002 Gender, Sexuality, and the City course syllabus from NYU

Sarah Schmidt's 'PRIVATE' ACTS IN 'PUBLIC' SPACES: Parks in Turn-of-the-Century Montreal


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