Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Reflections on Edmonton and cultural studies in Canada, online and abroad

I can't believe that five days have passed and that I head home in the morning...

The CACS conference was interesting, but I was surprised to see that so much research still focusses on questions of race, class and gender - or culture, power and history. It's not that those are boring or irrelevant issues, but I think that we still need to focus on developing new questions and methodologies instead of only kickin' it old school. I was also a bit surprised at the general lack of focus on anything to do with new media or technology. In any case, I heard several very good papers and was much impressed by the quality of graduate student research, especially at U of A. Of special note is the work of Ondine Park on suburbs and Erin Kruger on security, but neither of them have a web presence that I can highlight (hint, hint, girls). Special thanks also have to go to Matt Tiessen and Phil Boyle (see above hint) for providing such excellent company, and to Joost Van Loon and Penelope Ironstone-Catterall for their consistently brilliant intellectual commentary and wicked humour.

Today has been spent working on my thesis with Rob and I can now head back for the final stretch with a renewed sense of focus and self-worth. Phew. I'm also really pleased to say that the space and culture weblog will be (re)vitalised by the likes of Joost, Matt, Phil and others in the coming days and weeks. In fact, Joost has already made some interesting comments on Durkheim and Katrina and Matt managed to squeeze in a post before taking off for Europe to become our Lyon correspondent.

I've got midterm exams and some essays to mark when I get home, so it may stay a bit quiet for a few days as I get that sorted. Also on the horizon: I leave for London and Berlin on Nov 5, so if you're around and want to share a pint, just let me know.


Blogger Joost van Loon said...

Hi Anne

great to see you've arrived safe and sound. I agree with your observations. I'm still jetlagged and even slower than my usual retarded marxist self

Blogger Anne said...

Hi Joost - yes, I arrived yesterday afternoon and went straight to teach... no rest for the wicked ;) And I'm glad to see you survived the long trip as well...

BTW - I'm making us tshirts that say "hemorrhage all paradigms" ... what size and colour do you want?

Anonymous orange. said...

Hey, Berlin is not far from Bremen. Sharing a pint sounds nice, whatever that may be.

Blogger Joost van Loon said...

Great idea,
Can I have a black one with red letters please - size XL


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