Thursday, October 6, 2005

Like a girl

I think Alphonso Lingis writes like a girl and I love it. Peter Jackson thinks his scholarship is pervish, ethnocentric and sloppy. This may very well be true by anthropological standards, but I don't think he understands Lingis' phenomenological project. In any case, Lingis responds and I still think he writes like a girl and I still love it.


Blogger Ms M said...

I agree. I was reading his "Foreign Bodies" in Special Reserve yesterday and I couldn't wipe the smile off my face. It wasn't what I was expecting. It reads like a love letter to the world.

Anonymous Az said...

Hi Anne,

This is a fascinating exchange, indeed. And not just for thinking about Lingis's phenomenological project, but also to notice how attached Jackson is to the category of expert anthropologist: "One is left to wonder whether Lingis was able to tell the difference between a kathoey and a Thai woman." Can anyone, definitively? And also to assert his own proper labour in dusty rooms, as opposed to frivolous, dilettante-ish French theorists. And yet I feel like Lingis probably misses the point and Jackson's anger is understandable, Although I haven't read the Lingis chapter, the excerpts Jackson quotes do indicate a certain ethnocentrism -- towards both gender variance and Thailand.

Anyhow, nice to discover a new blog and thanks for the kind words the other day!


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