Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Thanksgiving was really good but then I checked my rss feeds this morning and wondered when all this Web 2.0 asshattery is going to end. Money and ego make for such dull conversation. In other news, as many as 50 million will flee environmental degradation in five years' time. How's that for mobility?! And speaking of the mobile, Rob is at Brunel today talking about airports, communications and mobility. I keep retouching my paper about RFID and other technologies that are virtually everywhere but actually somewhere, and Matt and I finished our article on archaeology and locative media. I'll try to put copies online soon. No class this week because of the holiday, but there are essays to mark. And I have six parcels and four letters that need to be posted today.


Blogger Matt said...

"putting copies online soon" = yes please!

Anonymous andrew said...

And you'll owe me a DE presentation title by the 15th... :-) You too, Ward.

Blogger Anne said...

yes! i'll add that to the list ;)

Anonymous molly said...

and thank you for your annoyance with what i like to call "web 2.fuck you." there is no web 2.0. i'm tempted to write something on my blog about it, but that means i would be taking part in the debate, and it is simply not worth the breath or the effort.


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