Wednesday, October 19, 2005

CFP: reviewing humanness

EASST 2006: Reviewing Humanness: Bodies, Technologies and Spaces
Lausanne, Switzerland, 23-26 August, 2006

"What is it to be human today ? Human 'nature' is made and re-made by ideas and practices assembling bodies, technologies, and spaces. Three processes in particular seem to be transforming the very notion of humanness:

1. it is reconfigured by the life sciences, from genetics to neurobiology, with the invention of new forms of human corporeity. Within contemporary philosophy and STS literature, this is associated with conceptual changes, displacing traditional binaries such as human/animal, animal/machine, nature/technology, mind/body towards all kinds of hybrids.

2. it is reassigned to and redistributed throughout sociotechnical networks and artifacts. In other words, the notion of humanness is rethought; it is considered no longer to be enclosed within the human subject, but instead disseminated in and through human-made objects and technological systems.

3. it is rescaled by the increase in transnational connections and the development of a cosmopolitan imaginary. The increase of spatial mobility (international migration, tourism, professional travel, etc.) and information flows, 'stretching' social relations across space, have reterritorialized, and in the best cases broadened, our conceptions of humanness.

The conference organisers invite contributions that address both a general conceptualization of humanness and these three particular processes.

The further aim of this conference is to address the political (in the broad sense of the term) dimension of a reviewed humanness. The re-fabrication of humanness is not only an academic thought-experiment but a daily life experience, and sometimes an object of concern, for society as a whole. The organisers therefore also invite contributions specifically focusing on the politicisation of contemporary humanness."

Session and Paper Deadline 16 December, 2005


Blogger Tom said...

Just a quick comment to say that I tripped across your blog just now and think it's a wonderful thing. Hope you don't mind if I link to it from my site.

Next year's EASST conference should be a great opportunity to build on some of the things you have posted about. I hope some of your readers will write papers and be there.


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