Thursday, August 4, 2005

"They wrestled with how to reconcile the cinematic suspension of disbelief with the scientific method..."

Pentagon's New Goal: Put Science Into Scripts

"Fewer and fewer students are pursuing science and engineering. While immigrants are taking up the slack in many areas, defense laboratories and industries generally require American citizenship or permanent residency. So a crisis is looming, unless careers in science and engineering suddenly become hugely popular...And what better way to get a lot of young people interested in science than by producing movies and television shows that depict scientists in flattering ways?

Dr. Gundersen, meanwhile, offered Valerie Weiss, a participant in the 2004 workshop, as a potential success story. A film buff at Harvard while she was getting her Ph.D. in biophysics, Ms. Weiss switched careers to film four years ago and is now trying to sell a comedy built around a Bridget Jones-like biochemist who applies the scientific method to her hunt for a mate."

Hmmm. And I thought the original Bridget Jones did women a disservice! Mind you, unlike their teacher, I've no objection to a movie where the main character is a virus.

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