Thursday, July 28, 2005


"Metal spinning is a technical process, where metal sheets are formed around massive wooden moulds while rotating. Through the generations hundreds of wooden moulds have accumulated in the stock shelves of Hugo Bräuer Metallwaren. Their original function, used in the making of hubcaps, lids or shades, has long been forgotten. The designers Sebastian Summa and Hrafnkell Birgisson blew the dust from the wooden manufacturing history and transformed it into crispy baked delicacy. In collaboraton with the craftsman Thomas Bräuer and the pastry-cook Martina Griese they developed series of six hand-spun 'baking bowls' made of high quality aluminium. The cakes, which are baked in the moulds, describe in their contours a piece of design history from the beginning of Industrialisation until the present."

"We thought, How can we tell the story of this old process? We saw the molds as cakes," Birgisson says. "And we wanted to integrate the user into the project: when they make the cake, they are re-creating the old forms."

Beautiful juxtapositions of hardness and softness, strength and delicacy, men's work and women's work - and all within the context of remaking material history.

Tools You Bake (pdf)

Tools You Bake | Metropolis Magazine (subscription required)


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