Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Conflicted over 'smart' homes

I'm away the rest of the week doing some consulting work in California, but I thought I'd quickly post this BBC article that caught my eye.

High costs deter hi-tech dreams

"[A]survey of 2,600 people plumbed attitudes to homes where information was happily swapped between computers, fixed and mobile phones, computers, digital images and movies, music and any other form of digital device.

While many people liked the idea of such a home, 80% thought it would simply be too expensive to go shopping for all the gadgets to make it a reality. The problems of getting such a system working by themselves proved too much for most and 70% said they would happily sign up with a company that did all the work for them...

When asked why they wanted more gadgets in the home most of those questioned, 56%, said it would help them save money. Others, 46%, said it would make their lives easier or, 34%, simply make home life more enjoyable.

The downside of the hi-tech home was acknowledged by survey respondents. Some, 40%, were worried by privacy and security problems. A smaller group, 33%, were concerned that equipment would become obsolete quickly."


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