Thursday, June 23, 2005

Local rhythms

Over at spaceandculture last month, I posted about my vegetables. Well actually, about how eating local organic produce has changed the way I understand land, labour, food and my body's relationship to it all. You know, embodied interaction.

Anyway, each week we get a message from the farm about the week's selection - and this came today:

"Mother Nature has certainly been playing with us over the last two weeks. The unseasonable extreme heat destroyed our baby spinach stands (by causing them to bolt or go to seed prematurely which causes them to be bitter) as well as many of our lettuce stands. Then there was the torrential rainfall which flooded many of our outdoor lettuce stands as well as large sections of our fields. We are not sure how many salad greens we will have in this week's basket. There may be none in the basket for this week at all but we will have new stands ready by next week. The torrential rains have also put us behind in our June planting schedule. And then there were the frequent power outages caused by severe thunderstorms which stressed our refrigeration units and probably caused our micro-greens and salad greens to overheat last week. If you received bad ones or ones which didn't keep well, this was the reason. We are also changing the packaging of the micro-greens which we think will improve their shelf life in very hot weather. The thin plastic bags have not kept them very well. And if that wasn't enough, we have had very cold nights at the farm over the weekend! On the bright side, the long range forecast shows that normal weather for this time of year will return this week. This is just all part of farming! We hope to still have asparagus this week, but it will be ending very soon for the season so enjoy it while you can - and baby pak choy, fresh komatsuna, chard, and tender broccoli raab."

I notice that when my body remembers the weather described, and when I can imagine these conditions also effecting the plants and the people who tend them, it seems only appropriate that the food supply is disrupted. At the risk of sounding like a bloody hippie, I have to say that being part of the same rhythms is really satisfying.


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