Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Environmental science rules & rewards

The first-ever Technology issue of Sierra Magazine

The general tone is set in this article about how "the absence of firm rules and responsible incentives" has discouraged scientists and engineers from doing right by us all:

"Technology is a servant, and it does its master's bidding. In this country, those who control technology have asked it to make them richer and more powerful, and it's done that but at the expense of other people, other generations, and other species... The planet cannot sustain 6 billion humans aspiring to better lives without 21st-century solutions. We need the services of science and technology, and the skills of engineers. We need to enlist human genius to solve problems, not merely to increase profits. Our role as environmentalists increasingly will be to make sure the appropriate rules and incentives are in place, and then to stand back and let the engineers get to work."



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