Tuesday, May 31, 2005


After completing my PhD coursework, at the end of May 2002, I decided to start a weblog as a way to keep track of my comprehensive exam and dissertation research. Now, three years later, there are approximately 1500 posts and more than a quarter million words taken from what I have read and describing what I have seen, where I have gone, who I have met, what I thought I knew, what I wanted to know. Writing in my weblog has become my public performance and my private practice: a fragmentary record of my interactions with others: my testimony, my evidence, my selective witnessing. Part deep thinking and part what my Mum would call verbal diarrhoea. Always me.


Every grad student hears that in order to finish writing a thesis you have to stop reading. I've never been any good at not reading.

Nonetheless, I am marking the May 2002-May 2005 archives as the only weblog content I reproduce & use in my dissertation.

Thanks so much to everyone who has read and commented on this site over the past three years - in many ways we've written my dissertation together.


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