Tuesday, May 3, 2005

Of planes, contagion, punk rock, graphic novels, rhetoric, liminal spaces and something else to read

Every time I fly in a Dash 8 I get a nasty head cold when I come home. In fact, these are the only times I have gotten colds in the past five years or so. So today it's all about turboprop contagion machines, feeling a bit like a noodle and loving Kleenex.

I was so excited when I returned to find a copy of Palomar on my desk: Gilbert Hernandez's collection of stories from Love and Rockets. I also recently re-read Dan Clowes' weird and wonderful Like A Velvet Glove Cast in Iron. And Craig Thompson's Blankets, which is beautiful and sad like Kalesniko's Mail Order Bride.

I also came across an interesting paper at wood s lot this morning. In Introduction: Rhetoric as Liminal Practice (pdf), Tracy Whalen focusses on the discipline of rhetoric in Canada, and begins with a better description of liminality than the one I used in conversation the other day:

"In liminal spaces we find ourselves on a threshold (or limen), caught between practices, cultures, frames for knowing the world, and modes of communication ó between, for instance, the divine and secular, university and workplace, private and public, linguistic and nonlinguistic. This is an interstitial place, the place of in-between. Anthropologist Victor Turner theorized liminality (borrowing it from Van Gennepís Rites of Passage) in his work on festival and communitas, liminality referring to those marginal social spaces outside of everyday constraint that liberate participants from routine activity. Liminality comes out of social rupture or discontinuity (pilgrimages, carnivals, religious conversions, life transitions, holidays, etc.) and, while not always neat and tidy, the event is transformative and generative..."

But I'm disappointed to see that my rss feeds are becoming more repetitive every day. I need something else to read. Suggestions?


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