Saturday, May 7, 2005

No dice

Until this morning, there was still hope I would make it to Montreal for the MDCN Symposium and give my presentation this afternoon.

But I'm still in bed, feeling only a few degrees above death, and feeling bad about backing out. Despite my love of the absurd, I've never been any good at not worrying about things I can't change.

I really wanted to hear Will Straw talk about the "circulatory turn" this morning. According to Tobias, "Straw has been working and researching the idea for some time and it seems that 'circulation' is about to blow up." Apparently Straw argues that circulation 'more aptly captures the mobility, the materiality and the socio-political economies of cultural artifacts, in cities and elsewhere' than 'a hermeneutics of the cultural object'." Is this flow? Mobilities? Fluid space? Are we talking about networks of passive agents?

Addled minds want to know.


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