Monday, May 23, 2005

Musical baton*

Total volume of music on my computer

23.6 GB, 406 artists, 3254 songs, 19.3 days of continuous listening. (Roughly half my CD collection and nowhere near the amount Dan has.)

The last CDs I bought

Mogwai - Government Commissions
Gang of Four - Entertainment! [Rhino Expanded]

Song playing right now

The Meters, Tippi Toes, from The Meters

Five songs I listen to a lot, or that mean a lot to me

Lucky by Radiohead, from OK Computer
The Roots' Dynamite, from Things Fall Apart
East Hastings by Godspeed You Black Emperor!, from F#A# (Infinity)
Liz Phair's Flower, from Exile in Guyville
Mote by Sonic Youth, from Goo

And, at the risk of stating the obvious, this is not in any particular order and my answers would probably be different on a different day.

* I'd pass the baton on, but you know...

In response to the email accusing me of being no rock 'n roll fun, I pass the baton to Jean, Matt, Steve, Michelle and Biella.

BTW - All the answers above are true. Today's picks would be different, but also true.


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