Friday, April 8, 2005



Katherine Moriwaki interviews Joey Berzowska on designing fashion, technology, and memory-rich garments.

"What interests me more than anything is the playful aspect of electronic textiles and reactive garments. I love the unexpected and the bizarre. I love the stuff that challenges social boundaries and makes us question how we relate to one another (in our increasingly wireless culture). I think it is great to have a skirt that shows when you've been groped (and how hard), not because you necessarily want to broadcast this to the world, but because it is one of these embodied experiences that are becoming less and less associated with definitions of intimacy (in a culture of wireless connectivity)...

The term 'memory industry' is being used to describe western society's growing interest in various gadgets that help commit to computerized memory all of the things that we otherwise might forget, such as appointments, commitments, and other important life details... Memory-rich research, on the other hand, deals with memory as it relates to the body and the interaction between people through the use of their bodies. It is important to develop wearable technologies that challenge social structures and assumptions in relation to embodied interaction (or concepts of knowledge). These interactions have developed under specific cultural, historical and social contexts."

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