Saturday, April 16, 2005

Socialising technology (a.k.a. "a proliferation of hybrids")

There are two adverts--plus a picture of a gate--that I've taped to the wall behind my monitor.

The first one is for the #19 Allsteel and features the large caption, "I AM PART HUMAN". The second is for the Nokia Medallion I, and features a glossy 20-something boy and girl wearing pictures of each other around their necks. Both ads are very sexy. And the products are useful in their own ways.

The Allsteel chair--there are no people in this ad--looks like a vaguely inhumane Wallpaper* biomorphic version of Stelarc's exoskeleton, and I struggle to imagine it making contact with flesh. I wonder at what stage the chair becomes "part human", when it becomes an "I"?

The Nokia jewellery advert is mostly people. Close-ups of faces, direct gazes, desire. The connection between these two is given an image-double, they become twice as connected and yet also ghost images of each other. The caption reads "Jewellery reinvented" and I wonder at what stage the jewellery becomes "part human" or when it becomes an "I"?


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