Thursday, April 14, 2005


"Id like to say to us as educators: poor are those among us who lose their capacity to dream, to create their courage to denounce and announce..."

Paolo Freire was pretty hardcore but I like him.

Searching For Paulo Freire: Classnotes For My Students by Amardo Rodriguez

"I come to teaching with all of my being. My devotion to you is complete. For me, teaching is about something you are, something you embody. Thus I have no techniques, no strategies, no skills, no drills, no exercises that tend to work in conveying various ideas and concepts. Instead, my focus is on how I enter the classroom as a human being..."

Sheep in Wolfs Clothing: The Paradox of Critical Pedagogy by Becky Flores

"The question for critical pedagogues, therefore, becomes not so much one of revealing the injustices or oppressions in the world as if students are nothing more than unenlightened members of the masses who simply need to be told false truths but to interrogate existing truths to consider them in alternative ways we may never before have thought possible."


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