Tuesday, April 12, 2005

"A new world of self-organising devices that will make our lives more pleasant and productive"

Rodney Brooks has a dream - and a $20M, 5-year joint research project to make it come true.

MIT CSAIL and Quanta Computer partner on next major computing platform (press release)

"TParty will address one of the most frustrating aspects of today's computing landscape: More than three decades after the emergence of personal computers, we are increasingly relying on 'smart' portable devices to deliver much of the information and services that we need in our daily lives. Unfortunately, in the current device-centric world, each one of us is responsible for integrating these new devices into our personal information environment. As a result, users are forced to manage information transfers, configurations, security, maintenance, upgrades, backups, and more.

The goal of TParty is to create new systems for the development and seamless delivery of information services in a world of smart devices and sensors. This will require reengineering and an extension of the underlying technical infrastructure, the creation of new interfaces, and exploring new ways of managing and accessing information."


The rhetoric here is amazing and I edge closer and closer to believing that "human-centred computing" is nothing more than marketing. Exactly what human values are being celebrated when the goal is for users to understand even less about how computers are working for, around, and against us?


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