Thursday, April 21, 2005


A friend telling me about Monday night's Motörhead concert in Edmonton:

"I assume that was Lemmy up there. I wasn't able to get close enough to see. Judging soley on attire, mannerisms, body type and grooming it was Lemmy, but he's had himself cloned and about 10 of those clones were in the audience. Perhaps one was on stage, too.

From the concert, I realized three things:

1. I haven't heard anything that Motörhead has released in the last 15 years
2. They're sick to death of everything they released in the first 15 years
3. I actually wanted to see a Motörhead tribute band."

Hmm. Maybe now I can stop having these ridiculous discussions with myself about missing the Motörhead show in town next week while I moderate the final Floating Points panel in Boston.

And if I could stop thinking about Motörhead long enough to stop laughing, I might actually be able to listen to Jon Udell narrate the evolution of Wikipedia's awesome Heavy metal umlaut page.


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