Thursday, April 7, 2005

I theorise about emotionality instead of saying why every so often today I start crying

Yesterday, Mrs. Trach, her daughter Lily and three sons - Gary, Danny and Sunny - burned to death in an apartment fire. They were survived by Mr. Trach, son-in-law Mr. Svay and 14 month-old grandson Sipheng, all in critical condition.

Mr. and Mrs. Trach and their daughter fled Cambodia after the Khmer Rouge years and spent three years in a refugee camp on the Thai border before gaining entry to Canada and eventually buying the Mekong Grocery down the street from us.

I only know the family from shopping in their store but I find this almost unbearably sad.

Donations to assist the surviving family members can be made by cash, or cheques made out to the Cambodian Family Support Fund, care of the Somerset West Community Health Centre, 55 Eccles Street, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, K1R 6S3.


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