Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Google girls

Google recruiting for chicks. Wow.

At Google things happen. People are smart and problems are interesting. There are lots of multicultural women, so you'll never be alone. And if that isn't enough, may we remind you that working at Google is also pleasant?

But watch out for that non-intellectual appetite: when you're not attending tech-talks with the boys, you're likely to be eating the amazing food and putting on the dreaded Google 15 (pounds). Thank goodness Google also has a gym so you can work that ass off!

If you're just coming out of school, we'll make sure you have an easy transition! You can work flexible hours, find a female mentor and Google's belief in the importance of work/life balance means you get laundromats - but guys, Don't steal the Undies!! - and excellent child care so the whole family can actually live at Google while you work. And, while we're making your work/life so great, why don't you also take 20% (but not 21%) of your work-time to engage in personal projects? Maybe even start a girls' club!

So adventurous-women-geeks, if you're looking for a place that embodies the culture, philosophy and personality of the company's founders - and really, who can resist a man that understands high heels?! - then Go Google!

OK. It's not really that bad. And I'm sure those Google chicks are cool. But really, wow.


Blogger Sascha said...

ha, just recently watched it for the first time. it really *is* amazing.


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