Monday, April 25, 2005


The contemporary media may well provide us with a secondhand sense of the 'global familiar' and also with what we might describe as a set of 'secondhand emotions' about them. But we should still remember that, nonetheless, whatever range of imagery they may be familiar with, for most viewers, their 'horizons of action' – that sense of the scale on which they can act meaningfully in the world – are still very limited. Moreover, despite all the talk of 'postmodern nomadology', so is most people’s actual experience of geographical mobility. Thus, global cultural forms still have to be made sense of within the context of what, for many people, are still very local forms of life."

David Morley, 2003. What's Home Got To Do With It? : Contradictory dynamics in the domestication of technology and the dislocation of domesticity, European Journal of Cultural Studies 6(4): 435-458.


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