Wednesday, April 27, 2005


I'm heading off to Boston early in the morning, and tomorrow evening I will be moderating the final panel on networked art in public spaces at Floating Points 2.

To get things going I will ask Julian Bleecker, Elizabeth Goodman, Teri Rueb and Andrew Shoben the following question(s):

Isabelle Stengers has described the creative enterprise as an "adventure of hope" - inherently political processes in which we resist the probable and fully engage the possible. And Chantal Mouffe has pointed to other "social imaginaries" crucial in revitalising an everyday politics of hope. What kind of hope do you see in networked public space? How do you see hope acting in your work? What possibilities and imaginaries drive you?

For anyone interested, our discussion will be webcast live and then archived on the Floating Points web site.

I'm also looking forward to some calm and quiet, so I've decided not to bring my laptop. This means I won't be checking my email anytime between tomorrow and Saturday, so if anyone needs anything it's probably best to ask now.


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