Friday, April 22, 2005

And that's why they are completely persecuted

Chatting with Nicolas, he reminded me of L'Abécédaire de Gilles Deleuze:

A comme animal - B comme boisson - C comme culture - D comme désir - E comme enfance - F comme fidélité - G comme gauche - H comme histoire de la philosophie - I comme idée - J comme joie - K comme Kant - L comme littérature - M comme maladie - N comme Neurologie - O comme opéra - P comme professeur - Q comme question - R comme résistance - S comme style - T comme tennis - U comme un - V comme voyage - W comme Wittgenstein - X comme inconnue - Y est indicible - Z comme zigzag

Charles Stivale provides an excellent summary in English, although L'Abécédaire often reminds me more of a bestiary than a primer.

In A Thousand Plateaus' Treatise on Nomadology (also), we learn that "it is false to define the nomad by movement" - and that movement should be distinguished from speed - but the implications are perhaps made clearer when he and Parnet discuss V comme voyage :

"Parnet stated the term 'nomad,' and Deleuze admits that he has been quite fascinated with nomads, but these are people quite precisely who don't travel. Those who travel are emigrants, and there can certainly be perfectly respectable people who are forced to travel, exiled people, emigrants. This is a kind of trip that it is not even a question of ridiculing because these are sacred forms of travel, forced travel. But nomads don't travel, says Deleuze. Literally, they stay put completely - ils restent immobiles - all the specialists on nomads say this. It's because nomads don't want to leave, because they grip hold of the earth, their land. Their land becomes deserted and they grip hold of it, they can only nomadize on their land, and it's by dint of wanting to stay on their land that they nomadize. So in a sense, one can say that nothing is more immobile than a nomad, that nothing travels less than a nomad. It's because they don't want to leave that they are nomad. And that's why they are completely persecuted."


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