Tuesday, March 8, 2005


The draft prologue is done. Following Benjamin and others, I refer to my dissertation as "the theatre of all my struggles and all my ideas", my monstrous conceit and convoluted montage. I'm having fun again. This is very good.

It's been snowing a lot and I've reached my wit's end concerning winter. I want to live where the sun shines all year and I can feel its warmth on my face and shoulders.

I have papers to mark. On understanding social interaction in cities, on slums and ghettoisation, on global tourism and changing global cities, on suburbs and sprawl and their impact on health, on parks, private interests and public spaces, on temporary architecture in response to urban crisis, on the history of the urban/rural dichotomy, on disability and socio-spatial exclusion, on ranking urban quality of life. My students surprised me. These look really interesting.

I got an email from someone I was totally in love with when I was 18 but didn't know it. A small part of me worries that he will think I'm boring now, so I don't call him back.

I have lectures to prepare. In urban cultures, this week we begin our readings on mobilities. De Certeau on walking in the city, maps and traces. Munt on the lesbian flaneur, mobility and power. Borden on the performance of the city and skateboarding. Sheller and Urry on the human/car/city assemblage. In science & tech, this week we look at identities and cyberspace. Haraway on cyborgs and Nakamura on race in/for cyberspace.

There are class blogs I have been neglecting and will probably continue to avoid for another day or two or three.

I've begun daily exercise and meditation. This leads me to believe I should also drink less coffee. But we'll see.


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