Wednesday, February 9, 2005

Stanford Humanities Laboratory

A week or so ago I posted on the Stanford Humanities Lab Crowds Project, and the rest of their work is equally interesting.

For example, Michael Shanks' Traumwerk project asks questions of direct interest to research in pervasive computing:

"How is a sense of place, or the sense of an historical moment constituted? What are the dynamics of group cultural creation? How is social memory defined? How might an anthropologist work with a community to explore their sense of cultural memory? How might an archaeological team, in a site report, retain the multitemporal and cultural complexity of a place, its remains and the different disciplinary approaches adopted in an archaeological project? How might a family or community produce a creative scrapbook of their lives and memories, without reduction to stereotypes? How might an archive be constructed collaboratively in order to allow patterning and connections to emerge and change, rather than be built into the categorization of a methodology?"

Students of space and culture should also enjoy the Berlin: Temporal Topographies project:

"Berlin: Temporal Topographies is a multimedia, web-based research and teaching project that investigates the historical and cultural layers of a city. The project takes Berlin-arguably one of the most rich, contradictory, and multi-layered cities in the world-as its point of departure and seeks to develop a research platform and pedagogical methodology for studying the history of the city space."

There are also interesting projects on body language and visual perception that investigate embodiment and communication. And for anyone interested in play and games, How They Got Game: The History and Culture of Interactive Simulations and Video Games explores the history and cultural impact of video game genres including storytelling, strategy, simulation, sports, and shooters.

More: Stanford Humanities Lab


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