Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Urban cultures

The other day I posted links to my science and technology course weblog, and while I'm actually enjoying it quite a bit, I'm more happy to see that at least a few of my students seem to find it useful or interesting.

I've also been posting my lecture notes and such from my urban cultures course on its weblog. In contrast, it doesn't seem to be of much interest to those students. They were also given the option of keeping a weblog for their journal assignment, but so far no one has indicated any interest in that either. This doesn't bother me - I still find it useful and interesting - but I'm curious. Could it be the difference in age? in academic year? in course content? or just personal preferences?

Anyway, in case anyone else might find it interesting, here are a few links:

Lecture # 1 - A Very Brief History of Urban Life
Walking through 1844 Manchester and driving through contemporary America.

Lecture # 2 - The City and the Urban
How cities have been theorised as social spaces.

Lecture # 3 - Urbanism & Culture

How different cultural perspectives shape urban experience.

Global Cities: London

Global Cities: São Paolo

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