Saturday, January 22, 2005

Sociology of science & tech

Things have been a bit quiet around here as I try to find the rhythm that will allow me to prepare for, teach and follow-up on my classes, as well as finish my own research and meet publication deadlines.

My sociology of science and technology class is going really well, and I've been posting my lecture notes and further reading to the course weblog:

Lecture # 1 - Scientific methods and knowledge

We looked at Popper and Kuhn, as well as critical perspectives from Feyerabend and Longino in order to open up science as a social enterprise. There are also links to further reading.

Lecture # 1 - Isabelle Stengers and the radical critique of scientific rationality

Outlining what we mean by a sociology of science and technology and the objectives of studying science as culture and practice.

Lecture # 2 - Doing science: materialities & socialities

We looked at laboratory studies by Knorr-Cetina and Traweek, concentrating on how objects and subjects are manipulated in scientific practice.

Lecture # 2 - Science as culture and practice

List of academic research dealing with how science is done.


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