Saturday, January 22, 2005

If All The World Were A Game...

Interactive Institute - Stockholm 2005 - mobile game research project
John Paul Bichard - Liselott Brunnberg - Oskar Juhlin

"The purpose of the project is to design and implement a game prototype that enables kids/big kids travelling in the back seat of cars to enjoy a rich gaming experience where narrative episodes and embedded gameplay combine with the experience of traveling through the road network. The game and game story will be designed to be meaningful even when the tempo and order of the journey changes.

Our main challenge in designing such a game will be to look at how episodes and events can be uncovered and constructed by the player in a game world that exists within the everyday. Using a map database to link real world objects to the game, a series of narrative episodes could engage players with not only the story, but also their environment and the physicality of being a passenger on a journey.

Research that resulted from our 'Road Rager' and 'Back Seat Gaming’ projects suggests that children, especially girls, prefer a gaming experience based on narrative rather than manipulative challenges. To further investigate the feasibility of the project, we will develop a prototype on a lightweight mobile device that will be customised to enhance functionality."


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