Wednesday, December 8, 2004

Mobile exposures and social fabrics

Heidi Tikka
Mobile exposures and social fabrics

"In marketing imagery, mobility is posited as a new kind of freedom, a disembodied experience of riding the airwaves, free from the constraints of time and space. But what kind of freedom, and whose freedom is in question? By foregrounding the experience of families with small children, Tikka's mobile pieces expose the limits of mobility and propose ways of using wireless imaging to break up the triangular space of home, work and the daycare center. A key tactic in breaking the constraints of this space is based on the way mobile devices are used for being present elsewhere, in other people's lives via immediate situations, feelings and thoughts communicated in SMS or MMS messages. But despite the ubiquitous 'anytime, anywhere' possibility of communicating, mobile messages always also involve a very specific somewhere and sometime, and this specificity of experience is what Tikka wants to convey ..."


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