Friday, December 10, 2004

"It is not size but what you do with it that counts"

BBC News: Lifestyle 'governs mobile choice'

"Consumers are far more interested in how handsets fit in with their lifestyle than they are in screen size, onboard memory or the chip inside ... 'We have to stop saying that these technologies will change their lives,' said Dr Michael Bjorn, senior advisor on mobile media at Ericsson's consumer and enterprise lab. 'We should try to speak to consumers in their own language and help them see how it fits in with what they are doing'..."

For example, Ericsson's research says that when people want to capture a significant event in their lives, they use a digital camera; if they want to capture a moment in everyday life, they use a camera phone.

I'd like to understand more about how that works. Especially how events differ from moments, and how technology plays a part in those differences. I'd also like to see if and how Ericsson turns this knowledge into marketing strategies, and how that plays out in terms of consumption and identity.


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