Thursday, December 9, 2004

Existential computing

Steve Mann has been named the recipient of the 2004 Leonardo Award for Excellence for his article Existential Technology:Wearable Computing Is Not the Real Issue (pdf).

"In Mann's winning article, the author presents 'Existential Technology' as a new category of in(ter)ventions and as a new theoretical framework for understanding privacy and identity. His thesis is twofold: (1) The unprotected individual has lost ground to invasive surveillance technologies and complex global organizations that undermine the humanistic property of the individual; and (2) A way for the individual to be free and collegially assertive in such a world is to be 'bound to freedom' by an articulably external force. To that end, the author explores empowerment via self-demotion."

I don't particularly share his views, but I've always liked his Griefcase, and for anyone interested in technology and socio-cultural agency, this is a worth-while read.



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