Friday, December 10, 2004

Complexity sciences and the humanities

Somewhat related to my recent musings on post/humanism, Diana Lobb reviews Paul Gilroy's Against Race and claims it as an improvement over "humanities [research that tries] to borrow the credibility of the 'master' discourse by shaping its discourse as pseudo-science." Katherine Hayles responds, and Lobb responds to Hayles' response. Interesting. (via)

BTW - If you ever have the chance to watch academic disagreements in person -- even if you don't understand what they're arguing about -- they're shrewdly entertaining performative events. And if you're really lucky, the academic performers will become progressively more hostile until you can no longer tell the difference between an intellectual debate and a bar fight. In both cases, we can assume it's more fun to be a spectator and, in either case, be sure to have a drink in hand and get ready to place bets!


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