Thursday, December 16, 2004

Access, agency, and authorship

Engaging The City: Public Interfaces As Civic Intermediary
A 2-day workshop @ CHI 2005

Conceived of as an exchange of expertise, this 2 day workshop will be comprised of a day of field work and a day of discussion of designs for public interfaces. We will use Portlandís public spaces as field work sites and common points of reference on which to base subsequent discussions of designs for public interfaces ...

As interest in the city as a viable site for HCI research grows, the organizers of this workshop aim to shift the research perspective from the architect's plan view to the street level. No longer reducing the city to a dense population of users, we challenge our participants to consider the city not just as a backdrop for interactions but as an inalienable part of interactions that happen within it. By reorienting ourselves, we move beyond the city as a muse to the city as a resource for public exchange.

This workshop is designed to explore notions of exchange within an urban landscape. What relationships do we have with the city? What do we give and take from it and each other in its embrace? How is this exchange enacted in and upon the city in everyday life? And how can technological innovation capture or foster this exchange? ...

We would like to gather a representative group of social scientists, technologists, urban planners, architects, artists, and designers whose work addresses issues of shared public interfaces and interactions. Participants will be selected based on a demonstrated interest in the topic, seen through position papers that consist of:

- A discussion of background, interests, current work and relevance to workshop goals
- An object/image/idea which represents an active exchange with the city
- Participants should be prepared to demonstrate this item's context within the theoretical framework of access, agency, and authorship

Submission deadline: January 10, 2005


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