Saturday, November 20, 2004


Alison Sant and Elizabeth Goodman have been teaching a course on wireless networks and site-specific art at the San Francisco Art Institute - and it looks great!

"SITEspecific is a class that will examine the notion of site as a space that is practiced or performed. Digital networks and wireless technologies are shifting the contemporary notion of urban place. As public and private, local and global are collapsed by the infiltration of portable electronics and the invisible boundaries of wireless connectivity, the mapping of the urban environment is increasingly complex. The class will examine the changing notions of urban space as an opportunity for intervention.

Through a series of readings, guest lectures, discussions, and experiments we will examine the interface between technology, site-specific art, and the urban landscape. We will also draw upon analog and digital examples exploring the ways in which artists have explored and mapped notions of site ranging from the Situationists, Robert Smithson, and Gordon Matta Clark to contemporary new media projects including Locative Media and Ground Control. In addition, we will investigate ways in which the strategies of the Happening or the Situationist Dérive can inform projects utilizing portable technologies including the camera phone, GPS, and WiFi networks."

You can check out the syllabus and lectures notes, as well as the class blog. And if you ask really nice, Liz will send you the readings.


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