Tuesday, November 9, 2004

The emperor gets new clothes

Italian design firm Leftloft shows us what it takes to give the legendary Moleskine notebooks new clothes. (via)

I particularly like the way they focussed on the object itself, leaving the user an open-ended construct:

"Systems for representing the modes of application for various models were examined. The original idea was to represent the destinees through symbols, but was later rejected to avoid shades of caricature. In the end the choice was a symbolic representation of the object itself, each object differentiated according to its function, highlighting the extreme pragmatism of the product."

I also like the "punctuation" rationale behind the new display systems:

"The things which give writing its pauses and rhythm are punctuation marks. We therefore had the notion of giving rhythm to moleskine in the same way as words. The diacritical call for pause also serves to exalt the concept of pause itself as a moment fundamental to creativity, the moment in which we break with conventions in order to explore fresh, unthought of solutions."

Well done.


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