Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Devices of Design

I'm not sure if there are still spaces available, but Devices of Design takes place in Montreal this Thursday, the 18th.

"The colloquium opens up a discussion about the relationship between the tools and techniques of design on the one hand, and modes of perceiving and conceiving architecture on the other hand. The colloquium and roundtable discussion are conceived as preliminary steps in a longer-range effort to address the crucial archival and conservation problems that have arisen with respect to the new-media artifacts being generated by architects throughout the world. The question of how to handle, archive, and preserve new-media artifacts presupposes a more fundamental question of what to preserve and why. One point of departure in this regard is the issue of what ultimately distinguishes contemporary architectural projects from those of the past, and what this has to do with the devices of design."

You can catch Greg Lynn speaking on Going Primitive, Peter Galison on Epistemic Machines and Giles Lane on the City of Memory, amongst others.


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