Tuesday, November 16, 2004


Design Engaged done.

Adam, Dan, Molly and Fabio were impressed, but I'm no closer to actually knowing what went on. Sigh.

Okay, that's not true.

In addition to Timo's presentation on Spatial Memory, he's posted notes from the first day.

Matt also posted his presentation Being in the world: The long-now of RFID.

Thomas Vander Wal posted his presentation, That Syncing Feeling.

Mike Kuniavsky posted his notes for Talking, walking and chewing gum: the complexity of life and what it means for design.

And, I could swear that Andrew, amidst organising and putting on the event, managed to post his presentation - but now I can't find it.

Thanks guys! This is so much more useful to me than the photos, although it's always nice to see friends. And, yes, I will try to patiently wait for the rest. Especially presentations by Schulze, Webb and amico mio Signor Sergio.

Update: Matt Webb has also posted his presentation and notes.

Chris' photos, notes and presentation. (Damn - that Westvleteren sounds good!)

Another update: Andrew has posted links to all the presentations. Cheers.


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