Tuesday, October 5, 2004


In celebration of their first anniversary, WorldChanging has posted a bunch of guest pieces on, well, world-changing people, ideas and things.

Check out Dina Mehta and Rohit Gupta on changing lives in India, Bruce Sterling on the UN and the internet, Régine Debatty on decentralised fashion creation, Rebecca Blood on sustainable campuses, Nicole-Anne Boyer on models for global system change, Justin Thomas on natural products, Dale Carrico on public domain politics, Dominic Muren on deforestation and solar-cooking, Mike Millikin on biofuels, John Emerson on green maps, George Mokray on freedoms, Chris Phoenix on the Center for Bits and Atoms, and me on mobile living.


Also Ross Mayfield on political decision markets, James on alternative energy, David Weinberger on blogging outside the developed world, Christopher Allen on sustainable business, Meaghan O'Neill on tech entrepreneurship in East Africa, and Danny O'Brien on the Jhai project.


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