Wednesday, October 27, 2004

We wish you the best upon arrival at your final destination

Wireless Cities by Kevin Werbach in TheFeature

So who will make them work?

"Municipalities and other government entities are good at providing foundational infrastructure, which the private sector builds upon. 'It's like when [the government] built roads, they brought you to a destination. They didn't get you inside the building or the office. If you have the infrastructure there, you provide the opportunity for building to provide services,' [Philadelphia CIO Dianah Neff] explains. Cities have two unique assets: physical infrastructure such as light poles that can make ubiquitous coverage possible, and a willingness to provide baseline connectivity in areas where there might not be positive return on investment for a private service provider. The private sector can do the rest."

The use of the word "destination" implies a neutrality that surely will not exist in practice...


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