Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Sunny with a high of 15

Thanksgiving dinner was supergood, and since my mother taught me to be a polite guest, I didn't launch into my yearly Why-the-hell-do-the-Americans-continue-to-celebrate-the-genocide-of-so-many-millions-of-Native-Americans-under-the-pretense-of-honouring-the-spirit-of-exploration?! Columbus Day rant.

In other news:

How many famous women architects come to your mind? Perhaps many have, like Marion Mahony, been lost in the shadows of "great" men... (via)

We have always been hybrids! A group of British scientists believes people should be viewed as 'superorganisms,' made of conglomerations of human, fungal, bacterial and viral cells.

The Urban Tapestries team has made the UT Web Browser (registration required) and location-based RSS Feeds available for people to explore content created on the system during the trials. Go-go public authoring!

On a related note StoryCorps demonstrates that if you give people a voice, they will speak their experiences and histories.


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