Friday, October 29, 2004

Mo' mobile city

MapTribe: A tool for collaborative mobile learning about the image of the city
Mauro Cherubini & Pierre Dillenbourg

I particularly like the The Lost City use scenario:

"A group of architecture students have to reconstruct the historical evolution of the city of Lausanne. They have to understand how the old urban structure of the city from the Middle Age survived and melted in the actual city. Instead of using a current map of Lausanne, they download on their phone the 1850 map. The group members split into the city centre and attempt to follow the old streets as displayed on the phone. From time to time, they bump into a building or they are not able to find where the urban tissue hides the old structure. In these cases, the students drop a landmark on the virtual map. Later on, in class, the actual map and the historical map are merged with the landmarks the students defined on their field trip. Finally, the professor collect the maps built by the students and use them in his next lecture."


"The project aims to strengthen research in Norway into humanistic perspectives on emerging digital communication forms & expressions & their information systems. Links are made between interaction design & information systems design & creative, social, & related commercial uses of mobile, ubiquitous technologies in communicating in public spaces."



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