Thursday, September 9, 2004

Ubicomp 2004

So, I'm not at Ubicomp this year, and I'm relying on Katherine and Jonah to keep me informed.

First off, the keynotes look more interesting than last year's: Janet Abrams opened with a discussion of "ludic(rous)" experiments in ubicomp design and the importance of people and place. Right on. And Robin Milner will be speaking about some of the models needed to understand the coming Global Ubiquitous Computer, an "organism that is partly artefact and partly natural phenomenon." Count me in on social/cultural concepts like beliefs, intentions, mobility, obligations, provenance and reflectivity.

Interesting-looking demos?

Matthew Chalmers et al's Seamful Games. [See also Notes on Seams, Seamfulness and Seamlessness - How designers can help users to exploit shortcomings of technology by Antti Oulasvirta]

Gauri Nanda's bYOB (Build Your Own Bag)

And I'm curious about Urico Fujii and Ann Poochareon's KU: iyashikei-net, a networked sculpture that allows people to communicate through tears.

The list of interactive posters is a bit vague, but Michele and Liz have one up on Digital Street Game, and Kaki and Jonah have one up on - which I will be checking out in-action at Spectropolis in a few weeks. I'm also curious about Wendy March et al's The boundaries of ubiquity.

Later today I'll post my comments on the papers from the Ubicomp in the Urban Frontier workshop - and tease out Katherine's comments about "the nouveau orientalism of technological discourse."


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