Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Mobile Barbie

Some time back I posted on the cell-phone and laptop carrying geek girl Barbie I coveted - and now it seems that Mattel India has gone one step further by launching the Instant Messaging Barbie doll (via):

"This is the first time ever that Barbie comes with a mobile phone with instant messaging and is dressed in the latest fashion, with matching accessories. She comes with a working cell phone, with which girls can not only message Barbie, but also message their own friends who have a similar doll. Now, it will also be possible to change the look of the phone to match Barbie's dress. Instant Messaging Barbie is priced at Rs 1199 [US$26] and is targeted for girls between five and 12 years."

Obviously Mattel knew that young people are driving India's mobile phone revolution, and Mattel does well in India, but I was surprised this would be the test market for such a product.

And for more on the world of texting, check out textually.org (although I wonder when texting will be as taken-for-granted as email?)


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