Thursday, September 16, 2004

Lot lizards, good buddies and network science

"I am a truck driver and I feel sick to my stomach every time I get near a truck stop and hear the 'lot lizards' (prostitutes) on the CB radio asking if any drivers want 'commercial company.' A real bad area for this is Lake Station, Indiana. There are four truck stops within spitting distance of the interstate, and the lot lizards and the 'good buddies' (male prostitutes) run wild with little or no police interference. In cities like Chicago, Atlanta, and Los Angeles, they are a major problem for drivers. We all get a bad name from the ones who frequent prostitutes and bring sexually transmitted diseases back to the family."

- Letter to the editor in response to Forbidden Science: What can studies of pornography, prostitutes, and seedy truck stops contribute to society? (Discover magazine, August 2004)

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