Thursday, September 16, 2004

It's so much more interesting when things fail

Cheers to doorsofperception for reminding me about a conference that caught my interest in the Spring and was shortly thereafter forgotten:

Urban Vulnerability And Network Failure: Construction And Experiences Of Emergencies, Crises And Collapse

"The core aim of this conference is to explore the ways in which reactions to, and experiences of, the collapse of technical and networked infrastructures within and between cities are constructed, experienced, imagined, represented, and contested. We seek in particular to explore these themes under conditions of growing infrastructural stress, re-regulation, globalisation, increasing concerns with failure, the changing geopolitical situation surrounding the 'war on terror', and the strong fascination for infrastructural collapse within contemporary culture."

Interesting papers?

Clogging up the City: Flows of Fat in Bodies and Sewers (pdf) by Simon Marvin and Will Medd

Rethinking Networks and Network Failure: Some Reflections from the Israeli-Palestinian Arena (pdf) by Jan Selby

Ladbroke Grove: or How to Think about Failing Systems (pdf) by John Law

What is to be feared?: Vulnerabilities, Precautions and Preparedness in Extreme Spaces – Making a Living and Building a Modern Society in Arctic Greenland (pdf) by Birgitte Hoffmann and Ulrik Jørgensen


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