Wednesday, September 8, 2004

It's a good morning

With classes starting tomorrow, and yesterday my last day of vacation, I had planned to get to work today - at least on the few dozen still unanswered email in my inbox, if not on my own research. And, since life is unpredictable, I also have to take my sick kitty to the vet and be here when the contractor comes to fix the water leak in the ceiling. So what better way to avoid all of the above than by checking out weblogs and such?

After all, that's how I learned that other people love Muppet mad scientists as much as I do. And (via) how I listened to Slowdive and Shellac and other fine bands. And, last but not least, how I found a chic hat pattern from 1938 that I'll knit as soon as I finish my poncho.

It's a good morning.


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