Saturday, September 25, 2004

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No One Opens Attachments Anymore: an international artisans workshop
November 4th & 5th, 2004
InfoLab21 and Folly
Lancaster UK

Submissions Deadline October 17th, 2004

"No One Open Attachments Anymore will bring together a select and intimate group of creative thinkers in computing, engineering, design and the arts for two days of :::explorative activity and scientific inquiry::: to be co-hosted in the Computing Department at InfoLab21 and Folly new media centre in Lancaster UK. Our intention is to bring together artists and scientists from different disciplines so that we can explore the tensions that exist between arts/tech collaborations. Through explorative activity and dialogue, we expect to generate prototype projects and ideas for future art/tech collaborations.

You are invited to contribute to our two main themes which will explore the intimate spaces found in viral and virtual worlds: viral communities and self-replication; and, absent presence, virtual sensing and distant co-action. Sumissions are encouraged from creative thinkers in computing, engineering, design and the arts in the form of short papers or videos."

Questions should be directed to Jennifer Sheridan, Ubiquitous Computing Group, Lancaster University

For those not familiar with Jenn's research and practice, check out Understanding Interaction in Ubiquitous Guerrilla Performances in Playful Arenas (pdf) and her work with thePOOCH, Innovative Interactions Lab, where folks "explore non-navigational spaces and interfacelessness; use less technology, not useless technology; like extreme prototyping; and build rather than blog." Sweet!


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