Sunday, September 12, 2004

Current reading (on virtual places)

Guide to Ecstacity by Nigel Coates

Welcome to one of the great cities of the world. Ecstacity is here and everywhere, a place where people and cultures meet. It blends everyday qualities drawn from Tokyo, Cairo, London, New York, Rome, Mumbai, and Rio de Janiero, into an urban kaleidescope marked by cultural infusion. Despite its proliferation of lifestyles and global communication, Ecstacity puts emotion first. It is utopian in so far as it exists in the mind. Experiences are its bricks and mortar. Six guides are going to introduce you to it...

Also: Learning from Ecstacity (Quicktime movie)

Jonathan Bell reviews the first showing of Ecstacity in London ("Someone, somewhere, in their infinite wisdom had decided that this temple of very contemporary decadence was the ideal place for the launch. Perhaps itís a neat fit, especially when you consider Coatesís work has a rather showy, superficial, blank sexiness.")

The Guardian - Skin and Bone and The Observer - Sights and the city


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