Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Corners & intersections

Cities, Corners - an exhibition on the role of the city as a meeting place:

"Starting from the consideration of the corner as the quintessence the minimum expression of a city, the exhibition offers a tour in which corners signify the ultimate in urban confluence and human intersection. It is an exhibition on the material of cities, on stones and on people... The city is the sum of corners; the city is a repetition of corners. The value is precisely the crossroads, the intersection...

Reflecting on points of intersection and corners leads us to reflect on contrast, consensus, conflict and commonality in difference: the true nature of urban life. This exhibition shows the visitor how encounters, intersections and interchanges, surprises and options, fear and conflict, milestones and references all materialize at corners. Ultimately, it portrays urban corners as illustrations of the diversity of cultural and geographical conditions."

photos | video

Toronto: The ugliest corners in the city

Our corners, our selves: Our intersections should be microcosms

Cutting Corners: Why intersections matter

David Kapp: Painted Streets/Urban Grids

And (mmmm...) TransUrbanism

The city's substance is hardly material/architectural anymore. Public squares, market places, the layout of streets seem no longer relevant to how the city is experienced.


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